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Victoria Samanark (ヴィクトリア・サマナーク Vikutoria Samanāku) is a princess of the Duchy of Samanark. She is a patron of the Western Restaurant Nekoya, being introduced to its existence by her mentor Altorius.


A half-elf, Victoria still resembles a teenager, despite being almost 40 years old. She has light green eyes and silver hair she normally ties behind her head in an elaborate bun and decorates with large flowers. Her typical attire is a formal green and white gown, befitting her station as a member of the Duchy's royal family.

Her manga appearance shows her with tanner skin tone and light blue hair and blue eyes, along with blue dress instead of green.


The elder sister of the current Duke Samanark, Victoria was born a half-elf, despite both her parents being human, most likely the result of an ancestor marrying an elf at some point in the distant past, a very rare but not unheard of case of genetic throwback, and the products of that produced warriors, and mages. But despite that, they were discriminated and lived with other Half-Elf fellows in villages where they are untouched. Knowing her hybrid nature would never be accepted by the people of the duchy, Victoria allowed her younger brother to be named heir to the throne and instead pursued the path of sorcery, and all her inventions are in the name of the Duchy and in exchange of her lab being set up in the castle's tower. It was at this point that Victoria discovered her magical talent was IMMENSE. Within six months, she had surpassed everything the magical tutors her father had hired could teach her, and she was eventually apprenticed to the great sage, Altorius. During this time, the legendary hero brought Victoria to Nekoya, where the Master of the eatery asked her to help translate his menu into the language of the Eastern Continent, which she obliged.

Within ten years, Victoria passed every test Altorius could give her and began her own work as court sorcerer for the Duchy, spending vast amounts of time locked away in her lab, much to the concern for her brother and his family. What no one knows is that every Saturday, a door to Nekoya appears in her chambers, allowing Victoria to travel to the other world and enjoy her favorite dessert, pudding a la mode. To preserve the extra pudding she brings home with her, Victoria has created the magical equivalent of a refrigerator, and she is currently working on a larger version for the castle kitchens.


As of some Half-Elves, she has the same longevity and ability as an Elf, and the near-Human appearance. But her magical abilities were too wide, she decided to be an inventor, researcher and chemist.


  • It's not that is racism that she couldn't be ruler, but the fact her lifespan meant succession would take several generations.
  • Victoria wrote the dressert menu in the Eastern Continent's language once; leaving her utterly baffled how the Master replicated it. Since she's not aware of photocopying from Earth.
  • The manga shows Victoria to be somewhat solemn and a bit cold; with her self-awareness of what others think of her being a complex she developed. The anime shows her having a healthy relationship with her brother's family, but hints of loneliness because she rarely has anyone else to interact with.
  • Victoria is currently unmarried, and most likely will remain so until the end of her days. If not, she likely would have many marriages if she married those with short lifespans.
  • Given her elvish appearance, it often comes as a shock to new patrons at Nekoya and Aletta to see Victoria eating pudding, a dish made with milk and eggs, which no pure-blooded elf would ever eat.
  • In Manga, her relationship with her family is quite cold. With her niece and nephew warmed only when she brought them to Nekoya. In Anime, her relations with her family is only during dinner, but her sibling actually cared for her, worrying about her situation. There are several difference to the anime and manga scenes :
    • She asked them to wait for another day in the anime before bringing them to Nekoya. In the manga, she summoned the door in her room with a snap of her finger.
    • When she brought her niece and nephew to Nekoya, in the manga they picked Pudding a la Mode by coincidence, while in the anime they snuck into her room and ate her Pudding and were captivated by the taste (this didn't happen in the manga as they get caught soon after they entered her room).
    • In the anime, she is shown to be much warmer and cares for dining manners, pointing that she can't skip her meal straight to dessert in front of them. She ordered Kids Meal for them that includes variety of dishes and Pudding for dessert. In the manga, they all skipped the meal and ordered Pudding a la Mode.
  • It's implied Victoria was given a disappearance cover story around 26 (to hide her agelessness), as it was mentioned in the anime that she was allowed funding by her father so long as she stayed out of the public eye.
  • She is shown to be well-versed in Nekoya's menu enough to recommend a menu to people without checking the menu. She has recommended Fruit Mix Crepes to the Fairies and Choux à la Crème to Adelheid. Coincidentally Choux à la Crème also uses Custard and Whipped Cream as filling (something both of them enjoy in particular).
  • She is particularly fond of egg & milk based desserts (custard). Her favorite menu Pudding a la Mode is a mixed dessert with Custard Flan as the center. She would order take outs for the Custard Flan to go, and kept it in her magic box that she created to preserve the dessert for a few days. She also takes Sandwich with Custard cream and Fruits to go occasionally. This fondness of egg & milk seems to carry over to her choice in meal, as she ordered Carbonara where it use egg and plenty of cheese.