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Tatsugorou (タツゴロウ) is a human samurai of the Isekai Shokudō series. He is a patron of the Western Restaurant Nekoya.


In the Manga, he is a big burly man with rough appearance, sporting large scars on his right forehead and his left cheek, a thick beard and hair that is kept in thick ponytail. He wears a skin tight suit under a sleeveless Kimono with a breastplate and tare on top, he also wear a jinbaori over the armor. His arms are only covered by skin tight suit along with separated arm cover with a fingerless glove. He also have a katana on his waist.

His design is somewhat simplified in the anime, he has much thinner hair and stubbles instead of beard, he wears simple kimono with sleeveless haori with a cloak, He is shown to have a pair of katana and wakizashi on his waist instead of only one.


He is a great mercenary swordsman hailing from the Western Continent, and even in the Eastern Continent he is known as a great warrior; even bards sing about him and that anyone who has held a sword would know of his name.

Tatsugorou is a long time customer of the Western Restaurant Nekoya. Due to his long patronage of the restaurant he became friends with Altorius and William Gold.

He was given the task by the Master to return Heinrich Seeleman sword back to him. The samurai informed the nobleman of the secret of the Western Restaurant Nekoya, thus bringing another customer to its tables.


A samurai from the Land of Mountains he is an acclaimed swordsman known throughout the Other World.


  • Not wishing to be forgotten, seeing many old diners passing on the secret of the Western Restaurant Nekoya to their own wards, Tatsugorou intends to find himself a ward to pass on his secret.
  • The song that bard sing about him apparently described his appearance well enough for people to identify him with. This is shown in the anime when he is returning Heinrich's sword.
  • His personality is also different from his manga counterpart, where he is a lot wilder with big appetite. This is most likely due to him not getting a dedicated scene as a patron in the anime.
  • His favorite dish, Teriyaki is not exactly a yoshoku, and actually a traditional Japanese dish. mostlikely because the previous Master doesn't really limit the menu they serve.
  • He looks like an old Yasuo from League of Legends.