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Sirius Alfade (シリウス・アルフェイド Shiriusu Arufeido) is a human merchant from the Isekai Shokudō series. He is a a patron of the Western Restaurant Nekoya, seeking replicate the meat sauce dishes of the Nekoya.



The scion of the prominent Alfade Company, Sirius was showed the secret of his grandfather's success in the form of a Nekoya Door. When he entered the restaurant he noted that the establishment to possess several high class articles. What shocked him even more was the fact that the spaghetti dish he and his grandfather were served by the Master, was an ingredient that had just been recently discovered in the Other World. He realized that his grandfather, Thomas Alfade, had come to the Western Restaurant Nekoya every Day of Satur to eat. After tasting such exquisite meat sauce dishes, he attempted to replicate them in the Other World. His many attempts resulted in his success as a culinary genius, hence his fame. Now that Thomas planned on retiring he passed on his mission to perfect the meat sauce dishes to Sirius.

Since Alfade company grows their own tomato (marmett), Sirius was shown to be interested in tomato based dish. In the anime, he asked for recommendation from Master and was told to come back next week. He also invited his friend Jonathan who is a skilled chef to help him taste the dish, which was later revealed to be Pizza.

This was developed differently in the manga where Sirius has already been researching for dishes that uses tomato in Nekoya and was already trying to recreate Pizza. Stumped from lack of progress, he was later shown to be in a gloomy mood and locked himself in his own room. Jonathan his childhood friend who was worried approached Sirius and was determined to help him develop the dish Sirius was trying to make. Seeing the other's sincerity, Sirius decided to invite Jonathan to Nekoya. Instead of ordering his usual, he ordered Pizza instead.

They both enjoyed the dish and later succeeded in recreating Pizza in their own world, and it was given to Thomas Alfade to taste, who got impressed by their progress, This wasn't shown in the anime, instead they ended with both of them brainstorming on recreating the dish.



  • His first dish was Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, though in the manga he changed his preferred dish to Napolitan, a dish where tomato based sauce is used more compared to Meat Sauce.