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Sarah Gold (サラ・ゴールド Sara Gōrudo) is a human treasure hunter of the Isekai Shokudō series. She is a patron of the Western Restaurant Nekoya, which she discovered using her late grandfather's journal.


Sarah is a woman of above average height and athletic build with sunkissed skin, brown hair, and orange eyes. Her brunette locks are fashioned into a braid which she wears swept to her right shoulder. Befitting her occupation, she wears an adventurer's garb, which consists of a gray long-sleeved shirt with an upturned collar and a small pale yellow ribbon securing it. Her skirt is darker in color, which ends mid-thigh. Over her top is aa bronze breastplate with silver buckles and on her right shoulder rests a pauldron with two chiton plates which are made of a similar material. She sports brown gloves and sturdy thigh-high tan-colored boots to complete her look.


Sarah is an adventurer that specializes into treasuring hunting. She is the granddaughter of the legendary treasure hunter, William Gold. Five years after the death of William Gold, Sarah acquired his journal that hinted the possibility of a secret treasure stash. She followed the trail to an abandoned mining town where William spent the remainder of his days.

While the town held very little of value, Sarah noticed a reference of the Day of Satur, every seven days. On the Day of Satur, Sarah discovered that the abandoned mine contained a secret room, where a door had magically appeared. Opening the door she found herself in the Western Restaurant Nekoya. The Master seeing her confusion explained that to the Other World inhabitants, it was the Restaurant to Another Other World, and it caters to various races and individuals. The Master realizing she came through Williams's door invited her to a free meal. Sarah came to appreciate Mince Meat Cutlet, a dish that William enjoyed during his long years of patronage. Since then she has become a regular of the Western Restaurant Nekoya, taking William's nickname Mince MeatbCutlet II.


Being an Adventurer, she learned basic skills of finding treasure. Evading traps, pitfalls and slaying monsters were easy on her. Decoding languages is also her ability.


  • She begins employing Aletta in their world as a live-in housekeeper giving her a steady home and job in their own world while Aletta continues to also work at the restaurant on Saturdays.
  • Anime First Appearance: Episode 2
  • In Manga, she evaded traps to William's door. In Anime, she killed a handful of Goblins and descended to get to the door.