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Red Queen (『赤の女王』 "Aka no Joō") is dragon of the Isekai Shokudō series. She is a goddess of the Other World and a patron of the Western Restaurant Nekoya.


In her true form, Red is a titanic red dragon.

To fit through the door to Nekoya, and avoid causing a panic, Red transforms herself into a beautiful, voluptuous woman with large breasts, red hair, and two large horns growing out of her head, donning a revealing red dress and stiletto heels.


Over 100,000 years old, Red was one of a group of six primordial dragons who defeated a chthonic entity of chaos at the beginning of the Other World. During the course of the battle, a chunk of their moon was reduced to rubble, resulting in its unique appearance to this day.

With the battle won, the six dragons went their separate ways and carved out territories for themselves, with Red making her nest among a range of volcanic peaks. Some decades ago, a door to Nekoya appeared in the middle of her treasure horde, and she has been a regular customer every Saturday since, taking enjoyment in the restaurant's beef stew.


  • Pyrokinesis: A fire dragon by nature, Red's natural flames could reduce the world to cinders and ash.
  • Shapeshifting: Possessed with naturally massive reserves of magic, like all dragons, Red is a natural shapeshifter, taking on a humanoid form to interact with mortal beings.


  • At one point Red had to personally defend the Western Restaurant Nekoya, when White's "child" attempted to kidnap the Master.
  • Given her natural draconic greed, Red considers Nekoya and all who work there to be part of her horde, and has placed them under her protection. The anime show this a step further with Red giving Aletta a blessing of protection.
  • Anime First Appearance: Episode 1