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Master (店主 Tenshu?) is the main protagonist of the Isekai Shokudō series and the owner of the Western Restaurant Nekoya. He is the grandchild of a couple who opened the restaurant, and inherited it when his grandfather died 10 years ago.


In his mature days, he sported beard and mustache.

His anime appearance differs from his manga appearance, where in the manga he has thinner beard, longer hair that is kept in small round ponytail. His waist apron is black instead of white, he also have red neckerchief as part of his chef uniform.


The Master lost his parents at a young age in a car accident. He was later raised by his grandparents.

The Master aimed to become a chef, specializing in Chinese cuisine. He once worked at a Chinese restaurant before taking over the Western Restaurant Nekoya. In addition he formed a business relationship with the owners of Flying Puppy and Leonhart.

The Master currently is single, a fact that nags him to this day. In the past he was attracted to a close friend, but their relationship still remains platonic.


Master Chef: The Master is an outstanding culinary master, specializing in both European and Asian cuisine. Like his grandfather, he could cook different variety of extremely delicious food.


  • When the 29th of the month lands on the Day of Satur, Master serves pork soup instead of the miso soup.
  • Because of his culinary skills and how people have the unique tastes from the other world, if they request something that is not on the menu. he will make something for them, examples are like when Fardania requested a vegan meal, Master made tofu steak, as well the sirens, Master made tuna carpaccio, as Iris and Arius tend to eat raw fish.
  • In chapter 100 of the light novel it is revealed his grandmother Yomi is the 4th Hero that slew the Demon King and gave an elf artifact, a magic key, to her husband that opens the restaurant door to another world. In the same episode it is revealed that Master's great-grandparents were a Priestess of Darkness and an Ogre.
  • Anime First Appearance: Episode 1
  • He also the reason why potatoes, named cobbler's tubers were spread out in Another World. As a young kid, he was approached by the curious Emperor Wilhelm when he brought potatoes in the store. He sold it to the Emperor for a gold coin. Little did he know, that he was the reason the plant spread in the whole world.
  • His grandmother's old friends note that he could have been a magic user if he had been born in their world, due to being from her lineage. Though as Yomi retains her magic, it's likely he has the latent ability.
  • Master doesn't get much down time, only having Sunday off to relax. Episode one implies he only gets five hours of sleep a day (having left the kitchen at 11pm on Friday and waking at 4am).