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Hilda (ヒルダ Hiruda) is a demon mercenary based in the imperial capital. Her excellent night vision and ability to accurately discern even the smallest sounds have earned her the nickname "Night Strider."


Hilda is a female demon, who appears to be a young adult. Her most distinguishing features are her cat-like eyes and ears. Her hair is very short and auburn red, with her ears being a shade darker. Her eyes are a jade green and have a slit pupil. Both her build and height are on the petite side.

The only outfit we see her in so far is a neutral-toned ensemble. Her helmet appears to be made out of a leather-like material, shaped to accommodate her cat ears. Around the helmet, she wears a pair of brown goggles with silver details and colorless transparent lenses. Her top has a high collar with a single button, no sleeves, and appears to change material mid-chest. It is short enough to just barely show her midriff. On her arms, she wears silver armor and gauntlets over brown, opera-length, sleeveless gloves. He r legwear is a pair of fitted, gunmetal trousers, held up by a brown belt with a somewhat ornate gold buckle. Her footwear is a pair of brown boots, worn under silver greaves.


Not much is known about Hilda's past other than that she was born a demon. At one point she decided to live the life of an Adventurer and mercenary, only taking small jobs that don't pay well like goblin hunting and/or escorting people since all the big paying jobs requiring a party of three or more. The two friends she makes are Renisha and Alisa, two fellow mercenaries and demons who were more open with their appearance (since Hilda wears a helmet to hide her cat ears).

She finds the Nekoya door in a mine after cleaning out goblin nest and was hoping to find a hoard of treasure. The first person she meets is Aletta, a goat demon who works at Nekoya, and learns about how and when the door appears (Tthe day of Satur). Curious about the food, she decides to stay. Upon looking at the menu, Hilda discovers the Soufflé Cheesecake, a creamy dessert made from cheese and Hilda loves cheese (most likely due to her cat features), and orders it.

She falls head over heels for this dish, and immediately orders three more after finishing the first, much to the Master's happiness as well as the other patrons of the restaurant.

After that, Hilda came back to Nekoya and ordered the Cheesecake every day of Satur. Eventually she lets Renisha and Alisa come too, considering they stalked her and followed her into Nekoya out of curiosity and concern for her, as she was acting strange and taking small travel jobs. After each ordering three different Cheesecakes and each taking a liking to a different one ( Hilda's was still the Soufflé) the three decide to form a party together. Of course, on their next Nekoya visit, they got into an argument over which Cheesecake was better and almost battled it out. Luckily, Kuro, the Black dragon Nekoya worker and defender, confiscated their weapons and made them behave with the threat of kicking them out. After that, they never had another fight again ... or at least, not in the restaurant.



  • Her hat seems to act as a disguise.