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Heinrich Seeleman (ハインリヒ・ゼーレマン Hainrihi Zēreman) is a human nobleman of the Isekai Shokudō series. He is a patron of the Western Restaurant Nekoya.


He has blonde hair, and green eyes. With a normal buffed body.


Three years ago Heinrich was a knight stationed at a fortress that was about to be overrun by Moth Men. In order to get reinforcements, Heinrich was dispatched to the capital, however en-route his horse collapsed due to exhaustion. He was forced to abandon his rations, and gold to lighten his load to make the journey but eventually it costed him in the long run, and he was soon facing starvation. He came across an abandoned cottage that contained a strange door. Upon opening the door he found himself in the confines of a nicely lit restaurant where he met the Master.

In desperate need for food and water he requested a meal to which the Master kindly offered him a menu to select his dish. Henirich upon seeing that the restaurant served schripe, a favorite dish of his hometown quickly made his selection. 

The Owner presented him a dish of Fried Shrimp. Heinrich unfamiliar with the fried dish quickly took a liking to it and had several helpings. However after finishing last plate he realized he was unable to pay as he had dropped his money to lessen his load. Remembering his mission he offered the Master his family's sword as collateral (despite him trying to explain the custom of setting up a tab if a patron doesn't have money), promising to pay before dashing out the door.  

Heinrich managed to get to his destination and receive reinforcements. He was granted a title of nobility and his own fief, however when he returned to the cabin he found it empty. Unable to explain this Heinrich believed that the night he ate at the restaurant to be a dream, though he was unable to find what had happened to his sword.

Years later a famed swordsman from the Western Continent personally came to Heinrich's territory. He presented the young lord his lost blade stating he was asked by a acquaintance to return it to its owner.



  • Anime First Appearance: Episode 2
  • He looks like a Lannister noble, with red as his theme and lion as his emblem. And he owned a castle that looks like Casterly Rock, overlooking the sea , on a mountain cliff. And he longed for his homeland, which looks like Lannisport.