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Artorius[1] (アルトリウス, Arutoriusu) is a wizard of the Isekai Shokudō series and one of the Four Heroes. He is a long time customer of the Western Restaurant Nekoya.


His appearance differ in Manga and Anime.

In Manga, he has a short light blue hair, and his appearace never changed, except he got a bit old.

In Anime however, he has a long, blonde hair and clean faced. But as he grew older, he turned white and grew long beard and mustache.


Seventy years ago Artorius was one of the Four Heroes that banded together to defeat the Demon King. At the climax of the war against the demons, Artorius witnessed his friend Yomi sacrifice herself to destroy the Demon God. After the Four Heroes disbanded, Artorius continued his studies in magic leading him to be remembered as one of the people that furthered magic.

Thirty years he discovered the Western Restaurant Nekoya, and much to his surprise Yomi. Artorius kept Yomi's survival a secret from his remaining comrades. Artorius was instrumental in creating the menu for the restaurant. To assist the Master in the dessert menu, he brought his apprentice Victoria to help.

When Kuro arrived he was shocked at seeing another of the Six Pillars Gods.

When Alexander approached him to guide him to the Other World Restaurant he agreed but entered the restaurant late, so as to avoid unnecessary conflict with Lionel and meeting a certain princess.


During his youth, he was part of 4 Heroes, alongside Alexander, Leonard and Yomi. His magical ability was one reason the Demon God was defeated, but at the cost of Yomi.


▪ Anime First Appearance: episode 1