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Aletta (アレッタ Aretta) is a young demon of the Isekai Shokudō series. She is a waitress at the Western Restaurant Nekoya along with Kuro, the Black Dragon.

Contrary to what one would think of a demon, Aletta is very sweet and kind; feeling hurt that no-one trusted her because of her lineage. This changed when she blundered into Western Restaurant Nekoya, where the Master had gotten so used to the bizarre inhabitants of the Other World that he wasn't fazed by her horns.

Aletta slowly gained confidence in herself and made friends with Master and Kuro. Her hardworking dedication got her hired by one of the regular customers Sarah Gold, as her housekeeper. Thanks to the Master's training, Aletta has become professional with everybody she meets.


She looks like a normal human, except for the goat horns she got as a blessing from a destroyed Demon God.

Aletta has golden blonde hair usually styled in twin pigtails. She has a short height and a petite build with bright green eyes. When working at Nekoya, she wears the restaurant's presumably issued uniform, consisting of a white blouse with puffed sleeves and a frilled collar secured with a black ribbon, under a black frock with a full skirt reaching just above her knees. A white apron is secured at her waist with frilled edges. She wears white ankle-length socks and black Mary Janes for her footwear.


Aletta in Restaurant to Another World 2

In the manga, her face is quite rounded and her horns were a little prominent.


She left the Demon lands to find a job. She initially was successful in it, but her Demonic horns were revealed, forcing the owner to fire her. She stayed at a ruined house and got only 1-day jobs. As she was about to sleep one night, she discovered a strange door which leads to Western Restaurant Nekoya, eats the soup in the pot that she found and fall asleep in the restaurant before discovered by Master next morning. She became Master's waitress for the wage of ten silver coins per completed Day of Satur (Saturday). Later, she got a permanent daily job, as Sarah Gold's maid and cleaner. After she had been working at Nekoya for a year, the Master gave her raise to twelve silver coins.[2]


Her being courteous, respectful and energetic persona was useful to adapt in the restaurant, and later Sarah's maid.

Aletta in isekai shokudo

Aletta serving water

Her memory is excellent. She memorized the entire menu of Nekoya by audio memory alone, to compensate for her illiteracy in Eastern Continent language.h


  • Anime First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Her shoe size is approximately 24cm.[3]
  • Aletta can't read.[4]
  • Aletta is shocked that Master pays her ten silver coins for working one day a week for him.
    • She doesn't know that the Master only accepts her world's currency out of professionalism; he has no actual use for it, since he can't trade the coins for their worth in gold and silver on Earth without raising a lot of questions.
  • Her clothes look more beat up and patched-together in the manga.
  • When narrating her Day of Satur routine of bathing and getting dressed, Aletta implies her underclothes were given to her by the Master; she mentioned they were "really soft" plus the design wouldn't match anything from her world.
  • The Anime shows Aletta doesn't truly understand much of Earth stuff beyond her work.
    • She thinks the plumbing is magic, as the Other World relies on wells and buckets for water.
    • She thinks an elevator is a magic door like the one to enter Nekoya.
    • She doesn't understand what cardboard boxes are.


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