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Adelheid (アーデルハイド Āderuhaido) or Chocolate Parfait (チョコレートパフェChokorēto Pafe) is the young princess of the Great Empire.


Adelheid is the young princess of the Great Empire on the other world's Eastern Continent named after her great-grandmother, who is often sent by her parents to her grandfather's country estate for her health, since she is suffering from an unspecified but curable disease known as the "Pauper Killer disease". Her late grandfather took her to Nekoya during one of her visits as a young child, during which she came to enjoy the Master's chocolate parfait, making her another regular.


Adelheid is a young woman with long light gray hair and blue eyes. She usually wears a long red dress.


  • It's implied her disease is simply asthma, which is very much manageable in Nekoya's world.
  • While her favorite dish is Chocolate Parfait, she seems to prefer the whipped cream more, as it leave a lasting impression of her childhood (something she refered to as eating 'cloud'). She would also take fruit sandwich filled with whipped cream to go occasionally. This is also her criteria when she looked for a dessert to take home and enjoy with coffee, 'something with plenty of whipped cream' . Choux à la Crème was recommended by Victoria for this.
  • Her only real friends are the regulars at Nekoya, the only place she can have social interactions without her status getting in the way.
  • She introduced her acquaintance the Demon Queen to coffee parfait.